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Coaching that connects you with your next work-life stage


lanes with


Coaching that connects you with your next work-life stage

Be true to


Transition well to the next life stage

Live your life with purpose & meaning

You know the feeling when…

Lost, frustrated… and stressed with no sense of who you are. Not sure what motivates you, what your strengths are and what the point of getting up in the morning is?

Starting your career and just don’t feel sure of what you will be good at and love

Feeling stuck in your career not sure whether to keep trying to climb the ladder or switch tracks completely

An entrepreneur starting, running or growing a business needing support, direction, conviction and courage to transition to the next stage

Leading a team that is just not reaching expectations and potential

Looking for your WHY – for a life of purpose & meaning


so if you are…:

…almost burnt out, working hard, just making ends meet, juggling so much and feeling anxious about your future capacity to financially survive. You should be feeling incredible about your life but in reality you are not.

You feel like you are stuck at a junction, a crossroad or dead end.

You know something needs to change – you just don’t know what!

you’re asking yourself…

“Is this it?”

“There must be more to life than this!”

“I am having a work-life crisis!”

“I feel like I need a work-life audit!”

“I know I need a change but I have no idea where to start.”


The truth is you are not alone.

Many people experience what I like to refer to as a “mid-work-crisis” a life stage when something big has happened or needs to happen. They realise that they have reached the end of a season in their lives and are moving into a new one.

You are transitioning to something but not sure how to switch lanes or consider a U-turn to a new pathway.

I was there too and after years of going around in circles I figured out how to use the time to revisit my life and turn it around.


I’m Trudy

I’m a Creative Connector

& Founder of Trucollab

I coach by creatively, collaborating and connecting people with their why!

I believe in beginning with the end in mind and then being in the moment.

I want you to do what sparks joy and live from the inside out another way of saying that is – be true to yourself.

Collaborating with me will be creative, energising and goal orientated and will result in you having a reason to get up in the morning and more excitement about your life.

I hate seeing women in a place they don’t need to be!

I want you to find independence.

I want you to find you again.

Discover Clarity

Reconnect with YOU

Feel Energised about the way forward

what clients say…

“I have loved working with Trudy. I came to her in the midst of a career crisis, and she helped me find some clarity in my journey – not only for career, but for life.

Trudy is insightful, intuitive, challenging, and honest. She led me to many truths about myself by asking challenging questions and sharing an array of resources to help with the process of finding answers.

I am so much further along on my path to finding what I was born to do. Trudy has been a burst of colour in my life, and I am so grateful that we are doing life together.”

Candice de Villiers CA(SA)

Director of Commercial Finance, London

Partnering with Trudy during what turned out to be one of the most challenging times in my career was invaluable!

By focusing on what felt purposeful and right for me meant I was mentally prepared when my career unexpectedly turned upside down. The work we did in the sessions strengthen my story around what I truly wanted out of life. From the first session to the last, I felt welcome in Trudy’s positive and focused sessions.

I am sure you will get drawn into her enthusiasm and passion for helping you craft your story.

Katie Mantwa George

Empathy Coach at Being Human Well

I started a new business in 2019 and began working with Trudy as my Purpose Coach and Business mentor a year later.

I needed to “Find my Why” in order to define and develop my business, my brand identity and myself. 

Through the use of the incredible insights gained through personality profiling using the Enneagram,  Trudy has guided me to become more self-aware and conscious of patterns of behaviour that were preventing me from growing and thriving in my professional and personal life.

I am immensely grateful for every hour I have spent with Trudy and consider working with her as an ongoing, invaluable asset and investment”

Dr Natalie Clarke

General & Aesthetics Practitioner

Before I started my coaching with Trudy, I was scattered and unsure of what I wanted my business to look like.  I was frustrated and didn’t have a way forward.

Trudy offered me tools and guidance that helped me to eliminate what I did not want to do and opened up opportunities for me to focus on what it was I really wanted my business to look like. I am now confident in my product and my purpose. I am more sure of who I am and what I can offer.

Working with Trudy was a fun and exciting process.

Charlotte Haggie

Health + Wellbeing Coach

“My experience with Trudy has been an amazing one.

I didn’t know that I needed a life Coach as I thought I had all the answers and was in touch with my being therefore didn’t really need any guidance. Little did I know how the journey with Trudy was going to benefit me. The Enneagram & Strengths tools taught me so much about myself and gave my insight into my core motivation and competencies.

This assisted me in knowing myself and helped me in the decision making for both my personal and professional life. Trudy has really been great in helping me channel my strengths correctly in ways that will help me take bold steps in my career.

I’m grateful our paths crossed and know this is not the end of the journey for us.

Maja Dhlamini

Merchandise Planner

“Working with Trucollab has been nothing short of an outer-body experience.

The workshops took us as a team to new depths of insight into ourselves, how we work together and how we tackle daily challenges as a team.

While we were standing on the edge of a cliff on many aspects of our business, the developmental exercises we did helped us take that leap into the unknown.

By better understanding who we are in detail, we found new ways to channel the good and bad sides of our personality types. And by understanding our types, we were guided in harnessing our full potential.

Steve Rosenbaum

Director. Rosey & Vittori

the Process is simple:

The coaching programs will ignite you to create opportunities for change, and enable you to reinvent the way you see your livelihood & life.


Connect with

who you are


Get clarity

on options


Design a

life of purpose

You will fall in love with your life again and step onto the right path.

Coaching that connects you with your next work life stage so that you can change lanes with confidence