Whether you’re looking to find your purpose, identify your strengths, make a big life-changing decision, or are faced with an unexpected crisis in your life, relationships or team, TRUCOLLAB can help.

Founded by Trudy Blake, TRUCOLLAB is a LIFE & LEADERSHIP coaching company with a difference. Trudy works closely with each client, focusing on their whole life and being, to bring out the best in every client. Working with Trudy is simply life-changing and no matter whether you’re being individually coached or are part of a group workshop, you will leave transformed by the incredible combination of energy, depth, authenticity and new perspectives in each session.

Trudy has an uncanny ability to weave stillness with spontaneity, and clients cannot help but leave a TRUCOLLAB session feeling a sense of incredible self-awareness, joy, courage and empowerment.

Integrity and authenticity are key to Trudy’s integral approach to coaching, and the power of the Enneagram is woven into the coaching journey to help clients gain a better understanding of how they think, feel and act in relation to the world, others and themselves.

TRUCOLLAB is a creative, dynamic company with the ability to connect with everyone and anyone who is looking for a change in their life. Trudy has a real knack for being able to read her client’s needs and can customise an intervention to bring the best out of an individual or team.


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Life & Leadership Coach | Owner

Trudy Blake, the founder of TRUCOLLAB combines her 34 years of fashion retail business experience, with years working as a Life and Business Coach and her own life lessons and experiences to offer a solution that works for you!

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